Branie Iconic Belt

by Branie SKU: 5420011-600



Branie: The Belt Reinvented Branie is a unique redesign of one of the most common (and tired) men's fashion accessories - the belt.

Combining industrial materials, a precision mechanism, and an intriguing appearance Branie offers the best fit of any fashion belt you have ever worn.  Smart, sexy, comfortable, and fun, this belt alternative allows you to personalize every occasion and adjust the fit for each pair of pants. This award-winning design is a revolution for your waist and are for people that want alternatives. Especially those folks that own their individuality and have no desire to conform to social and corporate norms. Everyday more people are embracing personal freedom and defining success through what they create rather than how much money they make. People values are changing and Koyono thinks what we wear expresses how we feel about ourselves and the rest of the world. We also think that what we wear should do more than just cover our bodies - it needs to work (make life easier and better)! Apparel and accessories do not have to be an after thought. They are an integral part of our self expression and quality of life. For those of us that think and go about our daily lives differently, we offer subtle, yet powerful ways for you to claim individuality. Doing things the old way really says something about a person. What do you want your belt to say about you? Branie means Brave in Indonesian. Untether Yourself.