Front Pocket Wallet Pen by Zebra

by Koyono SKU: Slimmy-ZEB24211



The Slimmy Front Pocket Pen by Zebra is perfect for people who can't stand losing their pen.

What better way to keep your pen on you at all times, without fear of losing it, than to make one that easily clips onto your Slimmy front pocket wallet

Wouldn't that make for a rather unpleasant writing experience working with a pen that is only 3.5."  That's the beauty of the Slimmy Front Pocket Pen by Zebra, because it telescopes (expands) to a full five inches. This little ingenious gadget works by pulling the two halfs apart, which mechanically pushes the ball point pen tip out. Collapsing the two halves of the pen cause the ball point to retract into the pen. How does it do that? It's a little mechanical trick whereby the nose of the pen extends slightly upon full closure to cover the ball point.  It really is cool.

The Slimmy Front Pocket Pen comes with a highly durable stainless clip that will not yield when used with your Slimmy wallet. The clip tension makes it just easy enough to clip on, while holding firm to the wallet. The Slimmy pen will not fall off even with a few firm shakes.

  • Style: Simple two tone color way. Slender, knurled telescope barrel.  Clean, modern appearance.

  • Performance: Stainless steel barrel and ultra durable steel clip. Medium point, for smooth writing.

  • Utility: Slim, compact design for front pocket design.  Fully retractable to 3.5" and expandable to 5". Fits perfectly on the Slimmy Front Pocket Wallet and in your front pocket.