Incase Sling Pack

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The beauty of the Incase Sling Pack is that it is out of the way so there is no need to worry about fitting through the subway or train station entrance/exit. When boarding a plane no more do you have to unnaturally twist your body to a near about face position to prevent your over-sized, traditional laptop case from clocking a seated passenger in the noggin.

What about style? The Incase Sling Pack is modern. You can take it anywhere (business or casual), where a double strap laptop backpack, no matter how nicely designed, is just down right collegiate. The Sling Pack fits 15" MacBooks and has enough room for plenty of extras. The main compartment contains a laptop slot located on the inside back panel. There is a soft lined pocket on the inside front panel for extras like your power adapter and spare batteries. Need a little more room for a book or document folder, Sling Pack has plenty of extra room in the main compartment. Let's not forget to mention the small utility pockets on either side that have more uses than meets the eye. This pocket is absolutely perfect to temporarily secure an iPod when not in use, in addition to business cards, flash memory sticks, etc.

Extras: There is a document pocket on the outside and a hidden money, passport compartment on the backside of the pack. The best extra is the pocket at the bottom of the sling strap. This little compartment is great for an iPod, keys, ID, you name it. It has many uses. Learn how to go minimal by combining this case with the BlackCoat-T and BlackCoat AirgoMinimal or Classic. Incase Sling Pack, its all about the flow.