Magneat Cord Manager

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Universal Cord Management Headphone wire entanglement is simply annoying.

Along with these modern miracles of mobile gadgetry comes the problem of tangled headphone wires, excess hanging wire and the need for a convenient, functional wire storage solution when earbuds aren't needed. Magneat solves these problems in a way no product has done before with a convenient, brilliant headphone wire management and storage solution. It lets you adjust the headphone wire to the desired length, thereby minimizing cord entanglement and unwieldy wire dangle. What more, Magneat keeps the wire close to your body, reducing the likelihood of the inadvertent headphone yank and pull. This is especially nice when you are working out, focused and in your own world. The most annoying thing is breaking pace to plug your headphones back in. It's perfect for use with any BlackCoat. Designed in Scandinavia, Magneat combines fun, fashion, and functionality. Wear it. Will Magneat erase my hard drive or credit card? Click the Specs tab for more information. I don't get it? Click the Kata (Use) tab.

WARNING: Made with super strong magnets. Magneat should not be used with magnetic metal implants (e.g. pacemakers, ICD). Children under 3 year of age should never play with magnets. The Magneat is not a toy, and not intended for small children.


• Determine how you are going to wear your Magneat (e.g.. on a t-short, jacket, etc.). Wind the head phone ends around the wire groove until the desired length is achieved. Secure the headphone end in place by anchoring it on the Magneat
• Seperate the rear unit from the front unit by sliding apart.
• Place the front unit on desired position and the rear unit on the inner side of the garment.
• The rear unit will then attach itself, securing the Magneat.
• Connect the headphones to your device and place it in your pocket, and plug the headphones into your ear.
• When not in use, adhere the headphones onto the rear unit of the Magneat.
• Get creative on how you use Magneat. There are many ways to make cord management and storage easy.

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