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Slimmy X1S1 (68mm) - 1 Pocket

Slimmy X1S1 (68mm) - 1 Pocket

$ 52.00


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An exercise in minimalism for the minimalist who wants the most out of less. All excess layers of leather eliminated making the Slimmy X1S1 the most compact and slim EDC wallet we make. Streamlined for those who carry less cash and want the smallest form wallet in their front pocket without compromising function.

  • 1-pocket / 2-slot open design. Our slimmest leather wallet for the true minimalist who wants his most used in-wallet items in one place.
  • Clean cut edge and rounded corners with proprietary rubberized dye treatment. No folded leather.  Maximum compactness.
  • Made for US or International currency folded in thirds. Place in center pocket along with your most used cards. Less used cards (ie. ID) go in side slots.
  • Side slots perfectly sized for IDs and credit cards cinch to hold stuff in place. RFID protection and access in one (click compare for more).
  • Made from premium USA steer hide by a 4th generation leather goods company.
  • Dimensions: 3.875" (98mm) x 2.69" (68mm) x .157" (4mm)
  • Patented: D 702,938

Slimmy S1 Size Wallet

Click here for a more in depth look.

Looking for a little more room? Check out the Slimmy X1S2: 4.125" (105 mm) x 3.125" (79mm) x .157" (4mm)


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