Slimmy Original Wallet - 3 Pocket

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Our most popular slim leather wallet, the Slimmy was launched in 2003 as a billfold and trifold alternative for front pocket minimalists.

Specifically designed for simple EDC (Everyday Carry), Slimmy is a minimal front pocket wallet offering better security and faster access. This original slim wallet is specifically designed to eliminate the bulk and bulge of traditional billfolds and tri-folds. Slimmy is made from the highest quality full grain leather for a sturdy feel and maximum durability and features three, side-by-side compartments stitched along one side and the bottom. What makes Slimmy unique is the unstitched side, which eliminates the need for folds, providing the easiest way to store and access everyday carry items. Slimmy conforms firmly to the contour of your currency, credit cards, driver's license, business cards and receipts for maximum slimness. A break from tradition and preferred by those looking to do more with less.

Dimensions: 3.875" (98mm) x 2.875" (73mm cm) x 0.312" (8mm)

Available in these premium leathers.

Oil Tanned Leather

Slimmy Slim Wallet Alternative - Luxury Oil Tan Leather

Antique Leather

Slimmy Slim Wallet Alternative - Antique Leather



  • Unstitched, three-pocket design.
  • Fast access to cash and credit cards.
  • RFID protection and access in one. Click for more details.
  • Designed for US currency.
  • Dimensions: 3.875" (98mm) x 2.875" (73mm cm) x 0.312" (8mm)
  • Holds 15 Bills, 8 Plastic Cards, 5 Receipts, 2 Business Cards.*
  • Made from premium full grain USA steer hide.
  • Available in Coloma™ Oil Tanned and Antique premium leathers.

Slimmy Slim Wallet Comparison Chart

Slim Wallet Tip #1: Beware of any wallet maker that does not list a thickness dimension for their wallets.

How to Use

Step 1

Fold your currency once and insert it deeply in the right fold. TIP: Try putting your currency in backwards so the bend is facing out. This keeps things more tidy.

Step 2

Select credit cards and forms of identification (i.e. driver's license) you use regularly. Place them in the middle fold. This is normally a tight fit.

Step 3

Use the right fold for receipts, business cards, or other important items.

Step 4

Receipts can be rather big and folding them fewer times mean less bulk!

Step 5

Carry your Slimmy in your front pocket.

Other Details

3.875" (98mm) x 2.875" (73mm cm) x 0.312" (8mm)
Coloma Oil Tanned Leather:
Coloma Antique Leather price: