View Slimmy Original Wallet - 3 Pocket, ID Slot

by Slimmy SKU: M17546W



The View Slimmy takes the classic three pocket, no folds design of the Slimmy Original and adds a handy ID slot with a window for quick and easy access.

Simply flash your ID with no more effort than taking your View Slimmy front pocket wallet out of your front pocket. It's that simple. If you are required to remove your ID, you don't have to spend extra time and effort trying to yank it out of its slot. It can be removed with as much ease as the other contents. Have more than one ID you want to have fast access to? The ID slot is isolated from your other contents and can hold more than one card. Based on the Slimmy Original three pocket design, your View Slimmy and its contents are always within reach and easy to access. View Slimmy is a slim RFID (protection and access in one) wallet made for minimal EDC enthusiasts worldwide. Travel perfect and front pocket worthy.

Dimensions: 3.875" (98mm) x 2.875" (73mm cm) x 0.312" (8mm)

Available in Antique Premium Leather.

View Slimmy Slim Wallet Alternative - Antique Leather



  • Unstitched, three-pocket design.
  • Side slot with a window for fast access to your ID or other cards.
  • RFID protection and access in one.
  • Designed for US currency.
  • Dimensions: 3.875" (98mm) x 2.875" (73mm cm) x 0.312" (8mm)
  • Holds 15 Bills, 8 Plastic Cards, 5 Receipts, 2 Business Cards.*
  • Made from premium full grain USA steer hide.
  • Available in Coloma™ Antique Leather.
  • Patented: D 527,899

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Slim Wallet Tip #4: Carrying a wallet that does not force you to carry only what you need? It will grow to fill the space it makes for your stuff; a fat wallet is inevitable.

How to Use

Step 1

Put your cash here. Fold your currency in half and insert it deeply in the fold.

Step 2

Select credit cards you use regularly. Place them in the middle fold. This is normally a tight fit.

Step 3

Use this fold for receipts, business cards, or other important items.

Step 4

There is a window for an ID card on the outer surface of this side. Also a great way to keep business cards crisp.

Step 5

Carry your View Slimmy in your front pocket.

Other Details

3.875" x 2.875" x 0.312"