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Slimmy Wallet Reinvented. Save 25% Instantly

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Maximum security in a minimal package, with a twist — the popular Slimmy® line of slim leather wallets from Koyono gives you more security than ever before from wireless credit card thieves with updated RFID shielding.

The Slimmy’s original three pocket design lends itself perfectly to the addition of RFID shielding in the center slot. Without protection on either of the side pockets, however, access cards can still be easily read by RFID readers. It’s that simple.

Slimmy has one unstitched side that eliminates the need for folds, providing the easiest way to store and access cash, receipts and other personal items.

All Slimmys are on 15% off. Be sure to use coupon code RFID12 to get the full 25% off.


Fumoola Luxury Dress Shirts

Maximum impact with minimal effort — Fumoola Luxury Dress Shirts are perfect for any occasion, from the morning commute to dressier affairs. While trendy prints and patterns come and go, our minimal, solid hue dress shirts never go out of style.

Spread collars, mother of pearl buttons, and fine craftsmanship say “Dressy,” while the trim fit and subtle contrasts under the collar and cuff respond “Cool.” Meanwhile, Black Illuminate reflective patches on the placket and around back keep you visible and secure, no matter where adventure takes you.

The untethered keep things simple; Fumoola is the perfect go-to shirt for minimalists who appreciate everyday luxury.

Thank you for your continued patronage!

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