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Slimmy X1S1: The Ultimate Slim (4mm) Leather Wallet

Posted by Koyono Staff on

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Our society now carries its currency mostly in a plastic card form. We approached the new design of the Slimmy X1S1 with this in mind. Open pocket, 2 slot design offers absolutely no excess layers - the ultimate in slim leather wallet design. This wallet has a special place in our minimalist loving heart. 

Unlike the C and XC Slimmy wallets, which we are are phasing out, the X1 S1 is slightly taller (68mm) making room for side slots that fit credit cards. The C and XC versions are too short for adequately sized slots, while the Slimmy X1S1 is a compact size for carrying cards and limited paper currency folded in thirds. After all, we still engage in smaller paper transactions especially at coffee shops, clubs, and local restaurants.

This ultimate slim wallet, with its rounded corners, was meant to be carried in your front pocket comfortably. The advantages of front pocket wallet carry are many:

  • Less likely to lose your wallet.
  • You won’t misalign your spine by sitting on a ‘butt brick’ in your back pocket.
  • No more removing your wallet before sitting down (another opportunity for it to get stolen or lost).
  • Less susceptible to pick pocketing.
  • Wallet wear, tear and fade on your back pockets. Save your pants.

Why don’t other ‘slim’ wallet manufacturers display their thickness measurements?

Our measurements do not lie. Let’s examine the X1S1:

  • 3.875” (98mm) length: It’s not a trifold/bifold (it doesn’t fold tempting you to put more than you need into it.)
  • 2.69” (68mm) width: Ideally currency folded into thirds.
  • 0.157” (4mm) thin. For a leather wallet, this is simply astonishing.

By eliminating the middle layer of leather in the wallet, the Slimmy X1S1 reduces to one easy access pocket for cash, ‘most-used’ debit/bank cards, and receipts leaving enough room for 2 cards into each slot.

Reduce what you carry in your wallet by scanning loyalty cards into your phone with apps like KeyRing.

The dual slot, 1 pocket design optimizes the rule of 7, providing three spaces for optimal in wallet organization. The Slimmy X1S1’s ultimate compactness makes it impossible to overstuff: you will irritate yourself if you try.

Unless you are committed to a minimalist way of living, this wallet is not for you.


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