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Bolstr Specs


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How to Use


  1. Wear your bolstr comfortably
  2. Gather all your EDC stuff.
  3. Stash your sunglasses in the front pocket. You may never lose them again.
  4. The stealth side pocket is for your smart phone so you can feel it vibrate.
  5. Position the bag perfectly with the elastic waistband.
  6. Attach your keys to the inside or backside d-ring.
  7. Use the fast access pocket for a nice point-and-shoot, wallet our smart phone.
  8. Store anything else you might want to Bags in the main compartment.

Lefty vs. Righty


The bolstr Small Bags is designed similar to a holster so there are two orientations available depending on which hand you prefer to access the bag. The right sided bolstr Small Bags crosses over the left shoulder so the bag is on the right side (see the picture below). The opposite is true for the left handed bag. This is a well established industry standard, but ultimately it is a matter of preference. Therefore, we are making the bosltr Small Bags available in both options.

If you are unsure of what side you prefer, just throw on a messenger bag and then notice what side of the body it is on. It will be natural to you.

Still not sure if you need a left or right handed bag? Here is a video that was made for the Kickstarter campaign that should make things crystal clear.


More Pictures

Here are some photos from the original Kickstarter Campaign.


Original Kickstarter Video