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Kulte Fabric Band Watches

Kulte Fabric Band Watches


Kulte Fabric Band Watches are a soft, yet fashion forward touch to time.

Vibrant colors combine with a single hand dial to calm the senses and free the psyche. Why bother counting every second when you can simply enjoy the moment? There are 12 marks between numbers and every other mark represents 5 minutes. Unclutter time.

The fashion house Kulte was founded in Marseille in 1998. It was created by a team of artists that was in love with the city's colors and flavors. They are most known for their retro-chic design pieces. Read more about the Kulte brand here.

  • Alloy steel case
  • Rounded mineral glass
  • Single hand on midnight blue or black dial
  • 1.5" (36 mm) case size
  • 1 ATM waterproof
  • Vintage grey, orange and apple nato bracelet options
  • Made in China