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The QWSTION 3 Day Bag is your down-to-earth companion that allows you to pack quickly and travel lightly. Lightly because it's a bag on wheels and not a suitcase. Think no more, getting ready for your short trip has just become as easy as opening the 3 Day Travel Bag and filling it with your most important basics. It complies to hand luggage requirement of most airlines and is a perfectly constructed masterpiece of luggage that will enable you to spend more time enjoying your getaway and less time worrying about what to bring.
What makes this bag truly unique are the brilliantly designed compartments that separates your stuff into designated areas so they stay ultra clean and tidy. There is a large compartment at the bottom of the bag for your shoes and a garment sleeve on the inside of the lid for trousers, shirts or a sport coat that you don't want getting too wrinkled. The 3 Day Bag's main compartment provides room for other clothes and important items.

Performance wise, the QWSTION 3 Day Bag uses ultra sturdy zippers and seat belt grade straps so you can compress the bag to an optimal size and secure your items so they will never get loose. Made for long hauls, the wheels on this bag are made from high density polyurethane for good wear.
If you like keeping travel simple and want a little more peace of mind for your next trip, then the QWSTION 3 Day Bag is for you.