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Rainbow Bentley

Rainbow Bentley

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The Bentley combines the sturdy, low-key functionality expected from a Rainbow Sandal with a bit of flair that demands a second look. Watch the regulars stop and turn their heads when you step out for a bite to eat after a moonlight drive. Soft pigskin lines the hand woven leather strap, keeping you comfortable while looking hot. Throw on some Bentleys and take on life with no hassle, but plenty of style. Minimal and unassuming. Single Layer Arch triple glued with specially formulated, ionized-balanced glue. Incredibly packable. Throw them in a backpack on the beach and in your suitcase when leaving for a trip. Classic finished leather. Artisan woven strap. Trimmed edges. Box X stitch toe piece./li Bonded nylon thread. Double stitched. Rainbow logo embossed Koyono inspected and approved. Quality is Implicit.