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Rainbow Premier

Rainbow Premier

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They fully embody the surfer lifestyle and the complete freedom that comes with it. That's what makes them the preferred footwear for Free Agents and Entrepreneurs. We don't go anywhere without our Rainbows. From a trip to LA in the summer to fashion trade shows in New York in January, Rainbow Sandals are a lifesaver for those of us who can't stand wearing our business shoes after hours. If you are bootstrapping your business and have to stay at a Day's Inn or HoJo, it's important to keep a clear distance between you and who knows what's in your hotel room rug. These high quality, full grain leather sandals pack nicely and add barely any weight. Rainbow Sandals, not just a great sandal - they're a lifestyle.

  • Minimal and unassuming.
  • Hand-made with life support parachute stitching and 2,000 lb test military spec strap.
  • Rubber top sandals are constructed of laminated, closed cell sponge rubber, and feature a non-skid surface, which molds to the foot, ensuring a perfect fit for virtually all feet.
  • Each layer of the sole is triple glued with specially formulated, ionized-balanced glue.
  • Incredibly packable.
  • Throw them in a backpack on the beach and in your suitcase when leaving for a trip.

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