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Slimmy X Legacy 1 Pocket Wallet - 73mm

Slimmy X Legacy 1 Pocket Wallet - 73mm

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Slimmy X Legacy x-es out everything that makes traditional wallets a waste of space. Uber-minimalist premium streamlines your smart phone life as well as your pocket. Slide credit cards or your driver's license into interior side slots, and unique tension engineering holds everything securely in place. Plenty of room for cash in the center and to expand on the sides as need be. Incredibly flat and unobtrusive, Slimmy X is decisively front pocket EDC worthy and feels great. Since your smartphone stores credit and bankcard data, its perfect for carrying those few items your device has not yet made irrelevant. Beautifully crafted from premium, full grain, USA steer hide. Time to dump your bloated fat wallet and unclutter. Slimmy X your fat wallet.

  • Original design with skived and folded leather edge.
  • Unstitched, ultra thin one-pocket design.
  • Secret side slots, for IDs and credit cards create tension to help hold stuff in place.
  • RFID protection built in.
  • Fits US currency perfectly.
  • Fold currency in half.
  • Holds 15 Bills, 8 Plastic Cards, 5 Receipts, 2 Business Cards.*
  • Made from premium full grain USA steer hide.
  • NOTE: Do not over stuff the side slots. Two plastic card card limit.
  • Patented: D 702,938 S1
  • Dimensions: 3.875" (98mm) x 2.875" (73mm) x 0.190" (5mm)

Need a little more room for receipts or larger bank notes? Click here to learn more.



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