Slimmy Slim Wallet Alternative with RFID Protection

The first wallet with RFID protection and access in one.

Updated with RFID shielding with a twist, the popular Slimmy line of super svelte leather wallet from Koyono gives you more security than ever before from wireless credit card and identity thieves.

The Slimmy's original three pocket design lends itself perfectly as a wallet that can provide RFID shielding in the center pocket, but sans protection on either of the side pockets. This is achieved by putting shields on either side of the inner flaps, while not having any shields on the outer sides of the wallet.

  • Put credit cards in the center slot to minimize the possibility of RFID credit card and identity theft.
  • Access cards can be placed in either of the side pockets so they can easily be read by building and transportation RFID scanners without having to take them out.

It's that simple. Still there is plenty of room for cash, receipts and other personal items. Slimmy has one unstitched side that eliminates the need for folds, providing the easiest way to store and access items.

All Slimmy wallets in the original three pocket design will have RFID stamped on the inside flap. They include SlimmyView SlimmywwSlimmy, and C SlimmyNOTE: that if you receive any of the above Slimmy wallets and they are not marked RFID, they do not have shielding built into them. Click here to visit the Slimmy Comparison Chart to see which ones are currently RFID ready.

Does it really work? Before announcing that we included RFID shields in the three-pocket Slimmy designs, a customer left this review on Amazon indicating that it works as intended. Here is another great review by tech blogger Marshal Rosenthal.

"If you put the card on the outside pocket, on the same side as the middle section with rfid stamped on it the security card works through the wallet!"