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Slimmy Your Wallet.

For years, wallets have been designed to hold more, to be the catch all for anything and everything that might otherwise fit in a pocket. Loaded with more slots, more bulk (folded leather), people dutifully fill them up, lugging around more stuff than they practically need. We launched the line of Slimmy slim wallet alternatives in 2003 with the goal of bringing some sanity to your pocket and your life.

Well before smart phone culture brought all your music, pictures, communication, and data together in a little take-along box, we knew that the way forward would be uncluttered and untethered. The big wallet effect of the traditional wallet is unsightly, leads to discomfort, and can even cause health problems (back pain). Perhaps worse, it contributes to a cluttered lifestyle, forever carrying more than anyone could possibly want or need. We knew then, as we know now, most people aspire to be uncluttered and minimal, but just need a simple start at eliminating the extraneous and focusing on the necessary. Slimmy your wallet and see if uncluttered works for you.

We suspected that oversized, traditional wallets were a bad idea in 2003, and now we are sure of that. After all

  • with so many apps to store cards and the like, all that bulk is completely unnecessary
  • extra pockets, slots, and compartments just promote clutter and minimalists know that less is always more
  • big wallets are unsightly, cause undue wear and tear on your pants, and are bad for you back when carried in the back pocket
  • and besides, why carry all that stuff when you can stow overflow and extras in your computer bag or suitcase?

However, we have always advised that Slimmy is not for everyone: if minimalism is not your thing, neither is the Slimmy. But if you are ready to reduce the bulk and ditching the butt-brick, please read on for tips on achieving front pocket nirvana.

What steps can you take to reduce your pocket life down to a Slimmy?

Step 1: Admit your overstuffed wallet problem: denial only prevents positive change. Once you've accepted your wallet problem, you'll be free to move on. Ease the burden on your mind and you'll be eager to ease the burden on your pocket.

Step 2: Understand the reason behind the thick wallet problem: your wallet has too much room in it! A wallet grows in proportion to the capacity it has to be filled. No matter your good intentions, you will wind up filling every slot, pocket, and compartment...It happens every time.

Step 3: Consider appropriate wallet options: billfolds and trifolds are pretty thick to begin with due to the folded leather construction. On top of that, numerous card slots and compartments add even more layers of leather. For maximum slim wallet goodness, choose one that has less leather and less room. Remember, if it folds, it is likely to grow to full capacity. Don't be fooled.

Step 4: Identify what you need to carry every day: you'll rarely need more that a couple plastic cards, an ID, and maybe a little cash. Be honest with yourself and get ready to purge! Cards, receipts, pictures, if you havent used or even looked at them in months, you certainly don't need them every day. You can always toss all that extra stuff into an Altoids tin or a box at home.

Step 5: Sort and clean up every day: most of the the things you accumulate throughout the day can be filed, stored at home, or thrown away. After dinner, or before you leave the house, empty your wallet out completely and return only those Every Day Carry items you're actually likely to use. Having a trust worthy filing system system will help minimize stress over the purge. In this case we recommend GTD.

Now that you reviewed the five steps to slim down your pocket, you are ready for a Slimmy. There are five styles in all which accommodate a range of needs from international size notes to ultra slim pocket management. Choose the slim wallet that is best for you.

Slimmy® Wallet


LIFESTYLE WARNING: This slim wallet is not a magic trick.

If you have a Butt Brick™ size wallet, with over 10 credit cards, pictures of distant relatives, and 5 years of financial records, you WILL NOT be able to magically conceal the same contents in the Slimmy.

The Slimmy experience is about security, comfort and minimalism. Carry only what you need so that you are less exposed to theft, less encumbered, and look better.

A Slimmy can help, but you have to want to change.

Pair down and free up room in your pocket, as well as your mind.