AUX Slimmy Wallet

by Slimmy SKU: U27767



AUX (short for Auxiliary) Slimmy is a simple flat wallet on a tether for those situations when you need an extra pocket or want to more securely carry money and credit cards.

  • Minimally designed to go with just about anything.
  • Made from Ballistic Nylon for durability. Heavy duty Velcro closures for security.
  • Adaptable to many fastening situations. Includes key ring and carabiner.
  • Carry anything you don't want in your pocket (business cards, coins, etc.).
  • Keep coins and keys away from your Smart Phone when it is in your pocket to prevent damage.
  • Carry it in your bag to carry extra credit and ID cards.
  • Dimensions: 3.82" (97mm) x 3.125" (79.4mm) x .125" (3.2mm)

How to Use

Step 1

Open velcro closure around key ring.

Step 2

Strap through key ring and adjust to the desired tether length.

Step 3

Stash cards, cash and coins. Feel free to add anything else you can fit into it. You are sure to find many creative uses for it!

Step 4

Close velcro strap and tuck either side inside your pants.

Step 5

Alternatively, you can secure to your belt and tuck credit cards, ID and cash in your pants to reduce the potential of being pick pocketed.