BlackCoat Classic Travel Coat

by Koyono SKU: MBCC

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The BlackCoat Classic redefined the idea of what a modern travel coat should be.

Although it was designed over 10 years ago, the forward thinking, yet timeless design of the BlackCoat Classic proves that it remains a very worthy travel coat. Updated with a better fit, higher performance materials and masterful needle work, we are sure you will fall in love with the promise of the BlackCoat Classic's any occasion, anywhere-in-the-world versatility.

  • 3-in-1 hybrid design.
  • 3/4 length.
  • Perfect for a wide range of business, casual and adventure activities.
  • Soft Supplex® nylon base material. Waterproof/breathable Hytrel® membrane by Dupont.
  • 14 compartments of varying size.
  • Removable vest liner made from the finest 200 weight double sided fleece.
  • The very first company to make a coat made for the iPad.
  • Made in USA.


  • Smart Right: Vertical zip pocket (5” x 5.5”) for smart phones.
  • Smart Left:Vertical zip pocket (5” x 5.5”) for smart phones.
  • Deep: Vertical zip pocket (9” x 6.5” wide) for airline tickets, passports, etc.
  • Memo: Small vertical zip pocket (5” x 4.5” wide) for a note pat.
  • Big: Large vertical zip pocket (11” x 9”) for a magazine, documents, iPad, spare shirt or scarf.
  • Hand: Outer pockets with d-rings (attach keys).
  • Small: The resting place of miscellany.

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Sizing Information:

BlackCoat Classic is a 3-in-1 design featuring a shell and vest. The vest is true to size and the shell is a bit larger to accommodate the vest when worn together. The benefit is versatility. When the shell is worn without the vest there is the perfect amount of room to allow it to be worn comfortably over a blazer or sport coat.

IMPORTANT: The sizing of the new BlackCoat has been slimmed down. If you wore a large in a previous version, you might want to consider sizing up to an extra large in the current design.

If your measurements fall within a size range (e.g. 38-40 chest, medium), you probably want to order the corresponding size.

If your measurements are close to the top end of any size range (e.g. 40 chest), or in between sizes (e.g. 41 chest), you may want to order a size higher (i.e. large) If you plan on layering.

If your measurements are in between sizes (e.g. 41 chest), and you prefer your coats to have a closer fit, then you most likely will be fine with the lower size. In this case, that would be medium.

NOTE: It's important not to compromise on the chest measurement. Select a coat on this measurement first.

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